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HELLO everyone, 

Today its a very special day, i have not been posting my looks since ages and am very glad to start it with this review. I was recently contacted by SAMMYDRESS.COM to write a review on one of their products. I didn't think twice before accepting. My choice was directly oriented to the shoes (BOOTS) section. 

I have always been in love with boots!!!!!! Before they approached me i was dreaming for CUT OUT BOOTS for such a long time and since i couldn't not find them in Mauritius it was an opportunity to review these cut out boots.

Before receiving these cut out boots I was wondering if it would be the same as on the site. If you usually buy online you may know that sometime we have some bad surprise! 

Photo on site:

As you can see they are definitely the same.

2. Comfort

At first the boots made my toe swore but after wearing it two or three times it was very comfortable.It supports the foot and encourage good walking posture.




I highly recommend you to buy these boots because as compared with other sites they do not charge high prices.

Find these boots here: CUT OUT BOOTS <--------

      I hope you've enjoy this post!

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Monday, January 6, 2014


Ashley Dy is a globetrotter , she needs adventure , she travels a lot and spends most of her money in trips  we cannot blame her.Besides being a sightseer her dream is to travel the world and make her job a vacation. New-York , Chile, London, Singapore, Paris are on the top of her lists, the best place for a shopaholic. Her favorite countries are Japan, Australia and Hong-Kong and if she wasn't a  Filipino, she might or would love to be half Australian, half Japanese. 

Japan and kawaii culture is anchored in her life and without the abenomics she would live there forever.
  • What do you think of abenomics and the fact that you will not be able to live there all your life?
-It's good for the economy of Japan of course. I definitely understand what they are trying to do. It's hard to earn money but we have to pay taxes right. That's my point. Even if I wouldn't be able to live in Japan forever, I cannot not go back to this country at least every year when I leave.

Japanese people are known for their creativity, eccentricity , authenticity,but above all they have a unique sense of style that's what  differentiates them from Europeans and Us street styles . Your initiative to support Japanese designers is in your honor.
  • who is your favorite Japanese designer?
  • Your favorite Japanese Brands?
  • What do you do to support them?
- I always support them by attending their shows, by being a consumer, blogging about their products and by always talking about them to my friends and new people I meet.
  • what inspires you in Japanese Fashion?
- They inspire me to be different and not to be afraid of who i am. 

Ashley : '' If there is nothing I'II never stop doing , it's learning new things'' Ashley is passionate of life ,she wants to be everything.  As she says so well its never too late to be the person you want to be. 

You aspire to become a photographer, film maker, writer, working in Arts and multimedia. 
  • Have you always been passionate to learn new things?
- Yes, I have a goal to learn at least 3 new things every month. The day I stop learning is the day I die.
  • And why are you so thrilled to teach?
- I'm excited to teach because it's another form of learning. You discover why things don't work and why they do. Even if there's only one person who wants to learn something from me, I'll be too grateful!

 Dreams can only come true if we work for it
Ashley: ''Do you want to know your future? Look at yourself and what you're doing now ''
  • What do you do every single day so as to make your dreams come true?
- -Everyday, I plan and do something to reach my dreams. Little by little.
  • What are the dreams that fashion blogging has enable you to achieve?
-Fashion blogging connected me to people I want to meet, things I would love to do and places I would want to visit. 
  • The dream of your life is it to be in Nylon magazine?
- I have many dreams, one of them is to be a part of NYLON

Fashion Blogging. 
Ashley: ''Fashion blogging has no RULES . You can become your own model, photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, journalist''

- I follow Nicole Warne's blog not just for fashion but for wonderful photos, dreams and love.
  • Since you are a fan of Tavi Gevinson, how  does she inspires you?

-Tavi 's achievements are totally inspiring for us all but there lies a hidden message, just be yourself. Never pressure yourself for success. Do what you love, love what you do. Each and everyone of us has a strength!


  • Why is Jack Kerouac one of your favorite author ?

-Desiring for uniqueness is not bad at all thus Jack Kerouac. I search for beauty in the strange.

  • What are your favorite books?

       -Oscar Wilde, Haruki Murakami 

Online shopping

  • what are your favorite online  shops?

- Amazon 

 Ashley : ''Some people are all about ambitions of material, wealth forgetting what's truly essential, i don't want to be like them''

  •                 According to you what is more important in life ?

-What I detest more than people with no ambitions, are people, full of ambitions but no heart! 


She does photography for : Japan lover me , fuku log

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Her all-time favorite song 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Interview with Kier from FASHION ADDICT

You seem like a very lively and dynamic person, tell us more about you, where do you come from, your origins?
 I am very dynamic, what a great word to describe me! I am a little dramatic and never quite fit in in the small town, I am from  Washington State, I feel like I've finally been able to be myself in Los Angeles and I'm loving every minute of it. 

And what about your personality?
I am super opinionated, dramatic, easily entertained and make stupid jokes that sometimes only I laugh at... I find that people are prejudice about all kinds of things, race, sex, sexual orientation and attractiveness too, and people often think, when they first see me that I'll be a huge bitch, sometimes I say something way overly bitchy trying to joke around and it rarely goes over- for some reason I keep doing it...Usually my boyfriend can rectify the situation by making a similar joke that ALWAYS goes over- it's so unfair lol, but the people who know me laugh, because it's so unlike me.. I'm pretty easygoing ironically. Quite the dichotomy, I am.

 Your fashion website is ''fashion Addict'', what is it all about and are YOU really a fashion addict?
I am easily bored and move on from things fairly quickly, I try things and quit them like I change clothes, the two things that have always stuck with me are cooking and fashion. Sometimes wearing a cute outfit is the only reason I will get out of bed on a bad day. I have been known to shop anywhere and yes, I used to have anxiety about leaving a store without a purchase.. I've overcome that need, now I only buy something if I really love it, and not to calm my nerves. My blog is a personal style diary first, then a place for me to review restaurants, nightclubs, clothing lines, products (as I am very opinionated), and of course a place I cover all kinds of fashion news and events. 

You have around 100 pair of shoes wow, tell us more about this collection?
Kier: ''I’ll buy two pairs of the exact same shoe and keep one in the box until the other is worn out… ''  tell us more about it

Here is a good portion of my heels, there are more shelves below and a closet of boots and a rack of flats as well.. Of course with some of my hats on top! :) Like I say in my "about me", I have a few duplicate pairs of these shoes in boxes at the top of my closet, (especially if the shoes are from ZARA, because you'll never see them again, once something from Zara is sold out, it's gone.. except for in other bloggers post which torture me!) and when the original pair gets too stretched out, lost or ruined, I'll still have them, but new again! I do the same thing with clothes that are white.. buy two.

Your Bucket list is very interesting, is their a story behind it and what  is your BIGGEST dream?
I have always felt like life is too short and I want to get in as much as possible before I die.. I think I had a school project along the lines of writing what  we wanted to do before we died, and we had to complete one of the things on the list within year.. (The one I completed was to walk The Walk of Fame.) I enjoyed it, and continued to add to the list.. 

What is your motto in life?
Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken. 

Where do you do your shopping, any favourite brands or online shops?
I love Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Zara, ASOS, TopShop, H&M and Forever 21 for my most common stuff, luxury brands, I love Charlotte Olympia, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, and Chanel.

How would you define your style, what influence it and where do you draw your inspiration?
I'd say my style is 1950's/1960's meets present day. I love classic shapes and silhouettes, tailored items, in bright colors with a sexy edge. My style is part crazy old lady, part Marilyn Monroe, part Audrey Hepburn and part trouble causing fun! 

what do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I love to go out with my boyfriend and try new restaurants, travel, swim (not as a sport, I just love water.) go to blogger events with my blogger buddies (Laura from and Sophie from to name a couple) and of course, go shopping.

 According to you what is most important in a look?
Fit 100%. No matter what your style is, if it fits well, and how it's meant to fit, even if it's not form-fitting- like a loose shift dress, as long as it has shape and doesn't look like a tent, chances are you'll look better than half the people anywhere- the fit. I also think fit displays an attention to detail, and a quality that people, especially employers, notice right away. 

You've been  wearing hats since birth, is it your indispensable accessory?
I have curly hair, I love accessories, I hate the sun in my face, hats solve so many of my problems lol, I couldn't live without them. In Jr High I even petitioned that girls should be allowed to wear hats in school if they went with their outfits.. It didn't work for my class, but It did make room for discussion, and they actually did change the rule about 3 years after that.. You're Welcome!! 

What is your favorite color?
I don't think I have one. Maybe lavender, like my blog logo, but I love so many colors.

Your 5  favorite fashion blogs you read daily?

Which place does fashion takes in your life, is it your way of expression, a passion etc....
Fashion is so many things to me, it represents freedom, because of so many women in countries where they don't have the freedom to wear what they want, or they don't have the funds, which represents how grateful I am to be where I am in life that I can afford to dress how I want (of course there are things I cant buy yet, but I think I'm very lucky with what I have). It's also my passion- I finally found something (my blog) that drives me, challenges me and helps me be creative and hone my writing skills, and paint.. Yes, I have recently started painting my favorite fashion images from my blog and will be selling the paintings on my blog.

If you had to escape the real life where would you go? 
Underwater and become a mermaid

Ultimate fashion tip?
Invest in a good tailor, and "Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style." -Billy Baldwin

Recently I have made a huge decision to get a breast enlargement and rather than trying to hide them from my readers and leave them feeling disconnected from me and full of questions like "Omg does she have two massive tumors in her chest?" lol, I've decided to document the entire count-down and surgery and afterward how I'm feeling, etc.. I think there a lot of girls considering it who don't have adequate information about it, and I'm a very honest person, and I'm confident in my decision so I thought, why not? read more about that on my first post here, and follow the countdown.. 

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Interview with Kiko Cagayat

Hi Kiko can you tell us more about you?
 -My name is Kiko Cagayat, I`m a Filipino living in Japan. This country is very well known with their anime, technology, food and of course fashion. 

Kiko, am very impress by your effortless sophisticated looks , there is one question i wish to ask you, how did you manage to find your style? and where do you get your inspiration to create your looks? 
- My style depends on the availability of clothes and occasion. Magazines and movies inspire me but because of high technology, i also find some from blogs. 

When you create your looks, what do you consider as the most important, on what details do you accentuate more?
-Whenever I create my own look, clothes will be my last priority. I focus on the light, angles, my facial reaction, pose and the proportionality of my body. It is important that you are the one carrying the look, not the clothes over taking you.

Nowadays there are so many fashion lookbookers, what do you try to bring in your pile of great looks so as to be one of a kind? 
-It is important to have your own look. You should find your own style and statement for you to be always remembered. 

You are talented , in some years where do you see yourself, still sharing this passion to the world, doing it as a job, being a name among others or being ''outstanding'' 
-I want to have my own family on the years coming. And if that happens, I might stop dealing with the fashion industry and focus more with them. 

Can you confess to us your hobbies, other passion, music and biggest dream ever! 
-I spend most of my times in internet surfing, watching movies and staying at home. One of my hidden dreams is being featured in well-known magazines but my ultimate dream is to be an advertiser. 

What are your favorite online stores?
-I never tried buying online but my favorites will be from my sponsors such as :


and many more. 

what are the brands that you prefer? 
-I love H&M, Zara, Topman, And Uniqlo because it`s everywhere here in Japan. 

An ULTIMATE fashion advice 
- Know your body type. Don`t wear loose or smaller clothes.
- Never go out with an unironed shirt.
 -It doesn`t matter if you wear brand less clothing as long as you look neat and proper. 

where to find more about KIKO


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